Sliding Flyscreen System
DBS has proved its difference with the genuine design of Sliding Flyscreen System which is one of the most significant necessities in the sector. The right of the design for Sliding Flyscreen system belongs to Ege Profile and has many advantages compared to conventional flyscreen systems.
Sliding Flyscreen System is composed of the sash profile,the transom profiles and two different types of rail profile. The big rail (38mm) is used for double rail frame and the small rail (22mm) is used for single rail frame. Sliding Flyscreen System absolutely prevents the entry of flies and other insects with double brush application in compliance with the production details.

It is the only Sliding Flyscreen System with the possibility to be laminated completely. It may be coated with the same color as the window; therefore, it provides a visual integrity.
Built to last

Deepa Building Systems has an infinite range of design options irrespective of the item concerned: large scale elements, facade projections, or normal windows and doors of all shapes and sizes.

Our profiles are galvanized-steel reinforced for maximum strength, durability and security. The profiles are built to last with welded or mechanically joined mullions and transoms.

Choose to Grow to a new Dimension
Tropical Mix
Profiles are made by Tropical Mix compound. This compound is specially engineered for high UV radiation areas. Tropical mix allows resisting for a long period on high UV radiation and heat.
Elegant and Long lasting
They are termite and fungal resistant, fire retardant, and no painting or varnishing required.
The DBS products are comparatively economical in comparison to the other products available in the market. Our products also help in bringing down, heating, cooling and lighting costs.
Customized Window
Whether its with regard to design, specification, color or finish each window is tailor made according to the requirement. You can virtually have any width and height you need.
Maintenance Free
Its smooth surface makes it very easy to clean. No fading or discoloration hassles, they are even dirt resistant as there are no open pores.
Easy To Install
Any automated or manual processing is possible. It is thus very easy and quick to install.