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Sliding Window
Tilt and Turn
Combination of single opening and V window
Combination with fixed mullion
Double opening window with false mullion
Combination of inward opening windows and fixed light with V window
Bay window
Combination integrating decorative glazing bars
Sliding door/lift and slide door
Residential door with fixed sidelight
Combination of single opening window with paneled fixed light
Combination with curved fixed top light
Residential door
Tilt and slide door
Sliding Folding Door
Sliding Fly screen system
Openable Fly screen system

Know How

how to make the impossible possible

zendow did not choose the 70 mm option; instead, the 70mm option chose zendow.

Once the components had been reinvented in detail. the 70 mm profile height revealed itself as the obvious conclusion. It is indeed the only dimension that combines the requirements of efficiency, compatibility and performance.

Deceuninck's objective was to use reinforcements with the
best cost effectiveness ratio.

In other words,
maximum strengh for a minimum cost.


zendow is the profile concept that integrates the possibility to choose between 3 or 5 chambers without changing the fabrication


Next we intended to develop a transom that combined both strength and minimal sightlines.

Thanks to the optimised geometry and strength of the reinforcements, we have succeeded in developing an 80mm wide transom concept, which will comply with at least 95% of all applications.

Passion For Excellence
Profile Processing: Welding of the laminated profiles according to technical rules is possible, without a negative influence on the quality of the film.
Chemical Resistance: Due to the excellent chemical resistance of PVDF, RENOLIT fast surfaces are resistant to most organic solvents and bases, aliphatic and aromatic Hydrocarbons, alcohols and halogenated solvents. With exception of fluorine, our film is also resistant to halogens (Chlorine, bromine, iodine). Not resistant to strong organic solvents (acetone, ethyl acetate, diethyl form amide, ... ), fuming Sulphuric acid and amine, basic liquids with pH > 12. Please take into account, that the chemical compatibility is strongly dependent on time, temperature, concentration, chemical condition and state of aggregation of the substance. Please be careful in the area of cut edges of the film (e.g. welded corners), since the film is unprotected in the cross section. Side penetration of chemicals can never be excluded.
Maintenance: Appropriate cleaning with standard household cleansing-agents, excluding abrasive products. For Pollution special cleaners are available. Further maintenance is not necessary.