Total Protection




Very good Sound Insulation: The protection against traffic noise is an essential characteristic of a modem window in order to ensure a comfortable life at home and in the office. Sound insulation of the steel reinforced 5 chambered DBS profile design is inherently good. It is further reduced by choosing the appropriate glass. DBS can reduce noise by 42.8 decibels using double glazing.

High thermal insulation: As the structure of the DBS 5 chamber profile system prevents thermal bridging the thermal insulation performance of the finished window is increased. Glazing also contributes for good thermal values, in turn contributing to saving energy. Thus a properly insulated window system can actually bring down heating, cooling and lighting costs.

High Weathering resistance and UV Stability: They do not warp, corrode, rot or change their color even under extreme temperature or weather even when installed in buildings near the sea, where there are strong winds, salty air or heavy rains, DBS windows fulfill the standards. They are water & moisture proof. High stability window and door profiles made of UPVC offer the best solution for increased safety. Special fittings and glazing, multi point locking, qualified window fabrication, and expert installation offer an enhanced security level. For this reason DBS windows and door glass panels are always internally beaded.

Found Solution for Sound

Hollow, Multi chambered and steel re-in forced for strength and insulation
Improves insulation due to perfectly sealed joints, the unit is designed in a way that water does not pass through the multi-chambered profiles. We have machines which can do seem & seamless welding too.
TPE seals are provided ensuring a dust and noise free environment.
Drainage Slots:
Which prevent collection of H2O during rain or washing the tracks.
Hardware & Fittings:
All fittings are resistant to varied atmosphere conditions. They incorporate several security devices such as multi point locking, interlocks, that ensure high degree of safety and insulation.
The frames are directly drilled in to the brick work or plastered surface using fixings, and sealants. No sub-frames required.
Single / double glazing, internal / external glazing options available.

Single / Double glazing up to 28 MM in sliding up to 44 MM in Openable.