Sliding Window

Sliding Window

The DBS sliding System has been designed to ensure you the freedom to escape from the haste of daily life: to ensure your wish to live a life close to nature, and to ensure you to think freely in architectural designs.

  • 1. system integrity Special details and solutions are possible because of the 26 different PVC profiles in the system. There are 3 different frame profiles, including a 2 track sliding frame, fixed sliding frame and fixed sliding architrave frame. The sliding system has two different sliding sash profiles (3 chambered) to be used based on the dimensions of the window/door to be manufactured. In the window sliding system, the aim is to increase the area of glass, ie. external view; whereas, in the door sliding system, static resistance has been drastically improved.

  • 2.Insulation Concept This concept was the most important during the design phase of the sliding system. All the profiles and auxiliary materials in the system are designed aiming to achieve the highest insulation factor. Front closing and interlocking profiles are produced with TPE gaskets in order to improve insulation. In addition, other injection molded parts were developed in order to improve insulation in the system. The system has also been designed to accept up to 28mm of glass for better insulation

  • 3.Compatibility with Zendow, Everest Max and Everest Systems. The 2 track Sliding and Fixed Sliding Systems may be combined with Zendow, Everest Max and Everest systems by using auxiliary profiles specially designed for this purpose.

  • 4.The Possibility to provide fixed sections in the 2 track sliding frame and Fixed sliding Systems Fixed section can be provided at top, bottom and sides in the 2 track sliding frame and fixed sliding frame applications.